New Tipple – bottoms up!

As of yesterday my new tipple of choice is herbal tea!! Well, fruity tea, . . . Twinnings Fresh and Fruity Mixed Berry Selection to be exact.

How I managed to live 41 years of my life without drinking coffee is now beyond comprehension. . . Once i tasted the stuff, that was it, i was an addict!

Over the last few years coffee has been one of my great friends, seeing me through some of my toughest and most tiring times! I have two young children only 18 months apart. . . the preschool years have been both the most chaotic, exhausting AND exhilarating years of my life. Let’s not forget, i arrived late to motherhood. My first child was born when I was aged 38, and the second some months after my 40th birthday.

There was a time during the break up of my relationship that I am certain I survived on little more than coffee, adrenaline and stress!

Thankfully those DARK DAYS are behind me. . . and at the moment I am trying to cut down on my copious amounts of the DARK STUFF. . . although my prefered shade is actually somewhere around Pantone 4645 , once two generous teaspoons of whitener are added.

Caffeine is a double-edged sword. It giveth during the day, recharging batteries and keeping me going, yet it only compounds to my nightly sleep problems. (I have suffered from Fibromyalgia for over 10 years, and now with the arrival of the children, I have hardly had a proper night sleep in over 10 years). Although I have always been strict with myself by setting a 7pm curfew, no coffee to pass my lips any later than.

I have rather expensive tastes. . It has to be DOUWE EGBERTS PURE GOLD. It is one of my only luxuries in life. I don’t smoke, hardly ever drink, hardly ever visit the hairdressers, never get my nails done, hardly ever buy myself new clothes (or anything for that matter. . . see where the MUMSY tag comes in?) So I figure that it is one luxury I can just about afford. I never pay full price though. I stock up when it is on offer at half price. . . yes, no wine rack for me, or drinks cabinet, no, just a well stocked coffee cupboard, I very rarely let it get down to the last jar.

I estimate that I have replaced around 4 out of 10 cups of daily coffee with the fruity stuff over the weekend. I am pleased to say that it is currently satisfying my sweet tooth too, so less biscuit accompaniments required. Let’s see how long I can keep it up. . .

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