Not really my TYPE

I only started this blog last week, I have had a play around with it, and to tell you the truth I am not really feeling the look of it. It is just not ME. Don’t get me wrong, it looks good, it is just not me.
I was a Graphic Designer in a former life. I was a designer primarily for print, magazine layouts, book covers, exhibitions, point of sale etc. I came out of the industry just before the digital side of design really took off, or at least I missed the boat training in that area, so I do in fact have great respect for the designers of these blog templates. I just haven’t had the time to discover which one is really ME yet? Will i need to upgrade?
My passion was and always will be TYPOGRAPHY. . . 
Typeface, pica, point size, leading, kerning, justification. MMMM, Now you are getting me going! I am afraid java, HTML, Meta, it’s all a bit foreign to me?
So forgive me if you have been following this blog, and it suddenly changes appearance, Again, and Again. . . bear with me I hope I will get there in the end. I am afraid I do not have the time to commit much to it at the moment, nor the hardware or software to take me where I desire it to be. . .
It is indeed a work-in-progress and a journey of discovery, I am just having a bit of fun with it at the moment. . . 

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