Art School Drop Out

That is more like it, I know it’s not looking mumsy, but it is ME. That is the point, I am sick of being mumsy, and am trying to find the real me!! Very PIONEERS OF MODERN TYPOGRAPHY, certainly takes me back a few years to my Art School Days in late 80s / early 90s. YES, OK, I know most of you were probably not even born then!

Here’s one to make you laugh . . . My daughter asked me recently if I went to Art College with Van Gough ? !!! Certainly made me chuckle LOL  :oD

I actually dropped out of Art School without completing my degree, as I took up a post as a paste-up artist at a Typesetting company, so much so was my love affair with all things TYPE related.

I am really feeling this layout, even though I am usually a SANS SERIF sort of girl!

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