A Night to Remember. . .

. . . or maybe not!
Well, as you know it is just the three of us, myself, ‘the girl’ and ‘the boy’. Well THE BOY has not been well of late. He started with a raging temperature on Wednesday, which has not gone down much in the last three days. I got him to the GP surgery yesterday afternoon, not really sure why I bothered to tell you the truth, as I knew they were going to roll of the standard reply . . . “it’s viral, just administer calpol and keep his temperature down”. I took him as he had started to develop a cough, and yesterday it was the strangest sound, unlike any cough I have heard in a child before. It is now evident that this was mucus related- yuck!
I had no trouble at all getting the little fella to bed last night as he was exhausted. My daughter retired around 8.45 after her usual (or should I say rather unusual but routine) charades.
I went to bed around 11.30pm. Now, with my Fibro I do not sleep well on the best of nights, but I was deep in slumber when I was awoken by THE GIRL screaming. . . u oh, she had wet the bed- Great, just what you need at 2.30am! I didn’t tell her off though as she is only 4, and it is not a regular occurance. I tried her in with me, but as I suspected, she spent half an hour tossing and turning, jabbing me in the back and trying to instigate chatter constantly. So I headed back to her room to remake her bed, thank heavens for waterproof mattress protectors.
So THE GIRL is all tucked up and settled again, next thing, within less than half an hour THE BOY is crying. Well, he is ill and still has a temperature, so I change his nightime pull up, get him some calpol and a drink of water, and then he settles in bed with me. This is now around 4am. At least he is fast asleep in minutes and sleeps through until the alarm.
So, at 7.30am Missy doesn’t really feel like getting up and getting ready for school, and THE BOY is far from well enough to attend pre-school. What is a knackered sleep deprived Mumsy to do? I decided to get THE GIRL ready and packed her off to school, with a little help from the grandparents. It would be more than I could cope with keeping her off and realising she is not ill at all and needs entertaining for the whole day, which believe me, she would! She is the apple of my eye, and super intelligent, but certainly a CURIOUS and CHALLENGING  child!
So I decide to return to my bed for a bit more rest, only to find THE BOY had in the meantime vomited all over it, right through the sheets to my lovely comfy treasured memory foam mattress! GREAT! As you can imagine I have spent the best part of the day washing and sorting bedding. THE BOY slept for about 4 hours solid, in his own bed thankfully. He has had very little appetite or energy, but I am pleased to say that he appears to be on the mend, although still rather feeling sorry for himself. He is a male, after all.

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