Pros and cons to blogging . . .

In the last 24 hours, I have rediscovered both the pros, and cons to blogging . . .

The reasons I started the blog in the first place:

– It serves as a ‘dear diary’, it is cathartic
– I LOVE WORDS. . . If I have no-one to talk to, I talk to the dog, or I talk to myself 🙂
– I have a vivid, creative imagination
– As an older, ex-creative, I wanted to use it as a platform to teach myself the basics of web design
– I thought I could earn some sort of income from it, from sponsorship, advertising etc. . .

Which leads me smoothly on to the first of the cons:
– Once my creative mind is flowing, it is hard to stop it
– If I wake up in the night for any reason, my mind starts thinking ‘creatively’, and I find it hard to get back to sleep; which means I cannot function in my day-to-day life as mum, and at work
– To make a success out of any blog, I would need to give all my free time to it. I have enjoyed making much better use of my free time over the last year, just enjoying life with my kids, rather than writing about them and uploading our lives on a daily basis. This is not a criticism of other parent-bloggers out there. I take my hat off to you! I just know it is not really for me. AS this point proves, here I am at 3am writing a blog post, instead of catching up on much needed sleep

Revealing my blog to my 2 kids this weekend has had a very positive effect. Both of my children have inherited my love of books, literature, words, and both have amazingly creative imaginations. I showed them my blog. I am somewhat a tiny bit proud of it! It inspired my son, who is only in his second year in school, and treats homework as ‘such a bore’, who needs to improve his handwriting in leaps and bounds, and whom I have to push, push, push, just to pick up a pencil . . . came to me with a little book he has made and written (although not all distinctly legible) all by himself!

My children re-invent themselves every day, they are always using their ‘name changing machine’ to become different characters. . . and I suppose that is why I created TwoMumsy. She is a character really, a much exaggerated version of myself. I played on a lot of characteristics, and exaggerated for effect, as I knew it would make for much more interesting reading.

See, I can’t sleep now, because I just want to write, write, write. I suffer from migraines, so I am going to pay for this tomorrow. Imagine if I started a novel (which I would love to one day), I would not sleep for 3 months!!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?


No, it’s a Blog actually! Why, how, where, when? Not even sure myself actually? Yet. . . . 

It all started with an absolute need to vent/off load some personal stuff, and boy did it help! A problem shared . . . and all that (even if it only shared anonymously and virtually)

What has blogging done for me?
Well it has acted as a modern day version of ‘Dear Diary’.
But what it has also done has re-awakened my former self. As in ‘self’ before kids.
I was a bit of a techy geeky creative type. Yes, I once HAD A LIFE, a career, and even a wee bit of talent, if I can be so modest as to say so myself.

To Infinity and beyond
What does the future of blogging hold for me? Again, not actually sure yet? It is currently part-diary, part-creative experiment, part-social network experiment, part-experience/confidence builder. Heck, I’ve even gone and starting teaching myself CSS coding! How geeky can I get?

Who Is She?
As I have said there was some personal stuff on twomumsy, hence the cloak of anonymity. I must say twomumsy is a far more interesting character than the plain Jane who created her!

Is anonymity really the best choice? Will it limit my blogging success? Will it stop me making real connections/future friends/chance to work with brands on reviews? How will I ever attend a Blogging Conference or networking event? Have I chosen the best platform for my blog (wordpress)?

Leader not a follower
I must say folks, I am pretty astounded, and honoured to have gathered over 700 followers on Twitter in less than a month. I ‘follow’ many other parent bloggers too. I only wish I had more time to dip in and read posts more often. I have read some absolutely brilliant posts over the last few weeks, and I have only dipped my toe into the sea of blogs out there.

Joe Bloggs
My areas of interest are mainly parenting/single parenting/older mums/creativity/fibromyalgia/dogs. I have read a number of great blogs written by dads, mums, single or otherwise, by couples, even by babies! I will set up a Blog Roll link on Twomumsy in the very near future to share some of my favourites with you.

I look forward to contributing and participating in this whole new world of blogging. Or will twomumsy just peak, crash and burn? Let’s hope not. . . .

Watch this space. . . . and once again, thanks for being remotely interested!

More Slummy than Yummy?

© Jinyoung Lee | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Jinyoung Lee | Dreamstime Stock Photos

OK, so I have never professed to be a YUMMY MUMMY, but this blogging lark is fast turning me into SLUMMY MUMMY of the year!

I am still pondering whether investing in my laptop was the best decision I ever made, or in fact the worst??

The truth is I have become well and truly addicted to this blogging lark, hook, line and sinker. Plus all the social-networking that comes with it, Twitter, Facebook. My day is taken up reading other blogs for personal interest or in the name of Research. Mail Me, Poke me. Like me, Tweet me, Pin me, Bookmark me. I am absolutely amazed to have over 600 followers on Twitter already, in such a short time. Thank you! Retweet me, spread the word. Twomumsy to conquer the world!  ****(please note twomumsy is no longer available on either twitter or Facebook : sorry to disappoint folks!)

I find myself living in a virtual BLOG WORLD, as in . . . thinking about it all the time, – what would make a good post? Pretty much my whole life is being written in my head as a future post, much as I used to be thinking up my next Facebook status. Haha, Twitter – it’s the future don’t you know! Facebook is so last year!

But step inside the four walls that is called HOME, and you will begin to see what has suffered, at the expense of it!

The kids are not exactly going unfed, but less cooking has been going on and less preparation of good meals. I am not exactly saying that THE BOY is turning into a fish finger, and THE GIRL into a Smiley face, not yet anyway.

Less housework is getting done in general, and believe me, I err on the slovenly-side to start off with. I am definitely on the slippery slope to SLUMMY-MUMMYVILLE!

The kids are going to school in unironed uniforms, going to bed later, watching more TV – fending for themselves a lot, they are not exactly feral, yet, but you get the picture.

So, come on BLOGGING YUMMY MUMMIES of the world – Can you please tell me just exactly how do you do it? You claim to cook fresh meals from scratch, whilst breastfeeding your baby in a sling, wearing your unblemished Boden outfit, in your clutter free minimalist homes. Whist managing the most interesting, exciting, up-to-date organised BLOG at least once daily, about how utterly fabulous your life is, how well-dressed you and your babies are, and how well-groomed you keep yourself. Oh and not to mention that you have had the most exciting amazing time getting all-artsy and crafts with the kids earlier. Clearing up the mess afterwards, whilst whisking up a simple yet nourishing lunch, and having a bun in the oven – both literally and metaphorically!! ***

PLEASE, Please tell me your secret? Or, please tell me, it is not your REAL LIFE? Please, please, pretty please @ifeelsoinadequate.twomumsy

One thing I have learned from parenting blog addiction is that fabricated or not, there is so much going on that I have not been doing with my own kids. So in the past few weeks, I have tried to ignore the calling of the housework (even more than usual) and actually been swimming with THE BOY, been to the park more with them both. And that is just the start! We have done more crafting at home. I might even let them get the Playdoh out later! Now, hang on a minute, let’s not get too excited, eh?!

I haven’t quite worked up to the BIG ONE yet, that I keep promising them . . . FULL ON MESSY PLAY, with finger, hand and footprint painting, the works! I am working up to it though. I mean come on, there is mess, and there is MESS!

So thank you Blogging Parents of the world. . . for inspiring me, in more way than one. And putting me in mind of the important fact, of which THE GIRL constantly reminds me:



Anyway, thanks again for listening. Thanks for the support! My name is TWOMUMSY and I am addicted to BLOGGING. There I have said it!

***NO OFFENCE INTENDED. Please do not take offence at the above paragraph. It says more about ME than YOU!

© Jinyoung Lee | Dreamstime Stock Photos